Welcome to eTrac®!

This innovative online curriculum is designed to teach job search skills to people struggling to overcome barriers to employment, such as disabilities, gaps in employment history or mental health challenges.

This comprehensive curriculum contains six separate courses – the first five focus on a specific phase of the job search process while the sixth focuses on how to successfully keep a job. Each course is fully animated and all information is presented in accessible, easy-to-understand language. Content is reinforced through fun, engaging videos, simulations, interactive exercises, quizzes, exams and a variety of practical opportunities to apply what is learned. All courses are fully narrated.

The curriculum’s flexible design makes it easy for facilitators to use eTrac® as a self-paced instruction option, to enhance one-to-one training support or to augment group instruction.

eTrac® focuses on the unique job search challenges encountered by people with intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health and other employment barriers. However, thanks to its flexible design, eTrac® can be easily customized to reflect the needs of other specific audiences, such as veterans, students in transitional programs, and more.

Whether you’re a self-advocate, a parent of a child with disabilities or a service provider, eTrac® can provide the skills necessary to find and keep a job. Check out Pricing to learn more.