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Module 1: The Waiting Game >> What to Do While You Wait

What to Do While You Wait

Setting: You are in your kitchen looking out of the window.

It’s easy to get discouraged if your job search takes a long time or you aren’t offered a job you really want. Let's watch a video to learn how others handled the “waiting game.”

Video Transcript

Bennie: My momma always told me not to ever to give up. I started at the bottom. And look at me. I have a good job. Because I had faith and I can do it and I'm not going to put myself down and not think I can't do it because this is something in my heart that I really want to do.

Laura: You just have to be yourself. Don't be anybody else and just don't give up. Keep on going for it. Do whatever, call up the managers to get their attention in a respectful way. Just present yourself.

James: I kept myself encouraged by volunteering at a feline rescue and found some way I could fit into society by volunteering there. Somewhere I think it says in the Bible if you seek, you will find and if they continue to look, they will in fact find a job.

Here are some things you can do to stay positive.

Follow-up on pending applications or interviews.

Some employers don’t notify applicants when a job is filled. Check in with the hiring manager if you don’t hear back from an employer. Politely ask if the position is still open and if you’re being considered. Use the techniques you learned in Course 4.

Apply for other jobs and go on interviews.

Many job seekers fall into the trap of thinking that every application will result in a job offer. You can waste a lot of time waiting for an answer. Keep looking!

Keep networking.

Stay in touch with other jobseekers and the people who are helping you find job openings.


Find ways to volunteer in the field or career you’re interested in. You’ll stay busy and add new things to your resumé. Volunteering is great for networking and can result in a job hire!

Review and update your resumé.

It may be time for a resumé tune-up, especially if you aren’t being asked to interview for jobs or aren’t getting any offers.

Sharpen your skills.

Are employers choosing other candidates with more experience or skills? If so, find ways to improve your skills. For example, you can go to the library to learn more or sign up for free classes at the Workforce Center.