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Module 1: Getting Started >> The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

Setting: You are in the living room watching your TV.

Although each employer hires workers differently, most follow five common steps. Let's go over each step in more detail.

STEP 1: Defining the Need.

The hiring process often begins when a current employee leaves a job or a new job must be created. Before the position is posted, the employer reviews or defines the job’s requirements, decides the kind of person who will be most successful at it, and identifies the skills, education and experience that the new employee should have.

STEP 2: Recruitment.

Employers find qualified applicants in many ways. This is called “recruitment.” Some ways that employers recruit potential employees include:

STEP 3: Screening.

Employers review job applications and resumés to identify applicants that meet the job’s critical requirements. Employers do this by:

STEP 4: In-Person Interviews.

An employer usually interviews several good candidates before deciding which applicant is best qualified. You will learn more about the interview process in Course 4: Interviewing for a Job.

STEP 5: Selection.

Employers decide which candidate to hire based on information they gather from applicants during one-on-one interviews, personal references from past employers, the results of a background check, etc. This person is then offered the job either in person, on the telephone or through email or regular mail.