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Module 1: Getting Started >> Think C-A-S-H

Think C-A-S-H

Setting: You are in your kitchen operating the microwave.

Think C-A-S-H when you’re filling out applications and other job-related paperwork.


Make it easy for a potential employer to read and understand your application or resumé.


Everything that you include on your application or resumé must be correct. This includes spelling, dates for past employment, your education, skills, job titles, and information related to your criminal history if you have one. Most employers will conduct a background check to verify the information you’ve provided.


Present all information as simply as possible. Use bullets, simple language, active words, and short sentences.


Your goal is to present yourself, your skills and past experiences in the best possible light. However, don’t exaggerate. You don’t want to be hired based on skills, or experiences that you don’t have!