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Module 1: Getting Started >> Why People Work

Why People Work

Setting: You are at your mailbox in the lobby of your apartment building.

You've got mail!

Click the mailbox for Apartment 6a to retrieve two envelopes.

A job is a set of specific tasks that an employer pays another person to complete. Some workers are paid for each hour that they work; others are paid a set amount (a salary) every week, two weeks or monthly.

Some jobs are unpaid. These are called volunteer jobs and can be a good way to build your skills and gain experience. Volunteer jobs should be treated with the same respect as paid work.

People work for different reasons. Earning money tops the list. After all, you need to pay for things like housing, food, transportation, and entertainment. People also work to:

Do you know why you want to work? Understanding your reasons for working will help you to decide what you want to do and where you want to work.