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Module 1: Getting Started >> Welcome


Setting: A series of buildings on Mainstreet, USA - Apartment building, Workforce Center, Grocery Store, Library, Office Building, Warehouse and Restaurant. You enter your apartment building.

The Building Manager is sitting at the front desk: Welcome to eTrac! eTrac is a set of six courses. The first five courses cover the job search process. They are:

Course 6: Keeping a Job covers things you need to know to be successful in a job after you’ve been hired. Click the NEXT link to continue.

Before you begin Course 1: Exploring a Career, let me give you a quick overview of how this course works.

When a page has too much text to appear in the window, you can use the scroll bar to view the rest of the page. Place your cursor over the scroll bar. Click the button on your mouse and hold it down while moving the bar up or down. This will move the text on the screen up or down. You also can use the up and down arrow to move the text up or down one line at a time.

Now let's go over the different links used in this course and what they do.

As you already know, click on the NEXT link to move to the next screen. Click the BACK button to move to the previous screen.

Click on the BUS ROUTE link to view an outline of the entire course or to return to a topic that you have already reviewed. A checkmark will appear in front of each topic you have completed. If you need to refresh your memory, simply click on any topic that you have already completed to return to it. Note: You must complete all of the topics for this course in order. You cannot jump ahead. Click the SAVE & EXIT link to exit the course. eTrac automatically remembers where you left off so that you can resume the course at the same place.

Click on the INCREASE TEXT link to increase the size of the text on your screen. Click on the DECREASE TEXT link to decrease the size. To go back to the default size of the text, click on the RESET TEXT TO DEFAULT link.

There is a breadcrumb at the top of the screen that shows you the module name and the topic name to indicate where you are in the course. On this page, you'll notice it says:

Module 1: Getting Started >> Welcome

If you click on the module name, you will go back to the beginning of the module.

Great job! Now, let’s get started.