Organizations and individuals can access four different versions of eTrac®, depending on their needs and system requirements:

1. Internet Version of eTrac® plus Moodle Organizations can purchase one-year licenses that provide access to all six eTrac® courses, plus the complete tracking capabilities of Moodle, eTrac’s® learning management system.

Price: $150 per 1-year user license; contact Taylor at 612-405-3187 or to place your order or to discuss your needs.

2. Desktop Version of eTrac® Individuals or organizations can purchase a desktop version of eTrac® which is run locally on a PC or Mac and does not require Internet access. The desktop version will not have access to the tracking capabilities of Moodle. Instead, course completion can be tracked through an email, automatically generated and sent to a designated facilitator when a user completes a course. The desktop version of eTrac® can also be used by facilitators to present any content in a group setting.

Price: $150 per 1-year user license (for all six courses); contact Taylor at 612-405-3187 or to place your order.

3. FREE Text-Based Version of eTrac® For screen readers, full keyboard accessibility, braille devices and other mobile devices, a text-based version of eTrac® is available free of charge:

Price: Free of charge

4. Custom Version of eTrac® Organizations can customize the eTrac® online vocational training to meet the unique needs of their specific audience, including:
  • Customized instructional content.
  • Addition of new modules to address specific needs.
  • Creation of entirely new videos used in best practices, role plays, inspirational stories and interactive exercises.
  • Creation of a new character to act as the advisor throughout the six eTrac® courses.
  • Development of new avatars to represent your learners’ demographics.
  • Customized pre- and post-assessments.
Price: Contact Taylor at 612-405-3187 or for an estimate.